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 In order to preserve project documents all of the information is stored in digital form. I have have converted my extensive historical records into digital form, in order to easily search and utilize this data. I created a simple Ajax-based spreadsheet with the open source suite. Link


Top Stories

  • Florida Permanent Reference Network (FPRN) 
    This GPS network consist of over 50 Continuously Operating Reference StationsCORS located throughout Florida. This Florida network is a cooperative network with the National Geodetic Survey's National CORS network. Each CORS site provides Global Positioning System (GPS) carrier phase and code range measurements in support of 3-dimensional positioning activities throughout Florida and surrounding states.
  • ESRI and Google Earth 
    I am migrating all of my GIS into Google Earth This will make accessing and utilizing mapping data simple and available to more users with less software investment. All my surveying data is geospatially referenced making this possible.