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Florida Professional Land Surveyors

The land surveyor is a vital part of a professional team linking developers, attorneys, title companies, engineers and architects preparing the foundation upon which your project is built.


Samuel Mark Beach PSM 6261

Over 25 years land surveying experience in the Tamp Bay area. He is a Member of the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society and the National Society of Professional Surveyors.

John R. Beach LS 2984

Over 35 years land surveying experience in the state of Florida. John R. Beach & Associates LB4493 have been operating in the Tampa Bay Area for 28 years.

Professional Services

The modern surveyor blends skills from several disciplines, including those of mathematician, law scholar, expert measurer, and translator. By interpreting the legal description and applying the science of measurement, the surveyor translates the legal description into tangible positions on the ground. These positions on the ground are used as a basis for construction. It is important to note that only licensed land surveyors can determine boundary line measurements in the state of Florida. Land surveyors are also familiar with zoning regulations, building regulations, health policies, planning regulations, wetland regulations and general land use codes.

New Technology

Our mission is to consistently provide quality professional services. In order to accomplish this goal we continue to invest in our personnel by providing training, education and state of the art equipment.We also promote a work environment that facilitate individual growth, prosperity and family. It is essential to stay on the crest of new surveying and mapping technology, procedures and equipment. Evolving technologies like GPS, LiDAR, UAV's and digital photography are becoming less expensive and more user friendly. As members of the professional community we must be vigilant in our efforts to protect the public. As members of the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society we represent a significant lobbying force ensuring professional regulation and protection for the public.